Hello, I'm Odin. This is the show page. Most of the shows will have themes like bed time, dress up, or pose shows. To see a list of winners of current shows, scroll down. Pointage & entry info can be found at the bottom of the page. Email Cait if you have any questions.

Please read ALL the rules before you enter!

To enter the show, send Cait an email with the following.
  1. A picture of your dog in a show pose. (Use "gif" format.)
  2. Your name and email address.
  3. The name and show name of your dog.
  4. The breed of your dog.
  5. The gender of your dog.
  6. The age of your dog.
  7. Name of show.
  1. Bows and hats are allowed.
  2. No clothes are allowed for a pose show.
  3. Clothes are allowed for a theme show.
  4. Only pose in show pose. See pic below.
  5. Judging will evaluate pose form, originality, and breed standards.
  6. *new* Adults only unless stated.
  7. Disqualified if rules aren't followed.

Dogs should have feet mostly together. Head forward and chest puffed out. Only one eye should be visible.

List of Shows
  1. Pose Show -- Closed
  2. Breed Show for Danes only -- entries due by May 12, 2000
  3. Puppy show -- entries due by May 12,2000
Point System for Shows
  1. Best of Show -- 5 points
  2. First Place -- 4 points
  3. Second Place -- 3 points
  4. Third Place -- 2 points
  5. Fourth Place -- 1 point