Hi, I'm Anne. My friends and I are hosting these pages for our friend Cait. It took Cait a long time to build this but I think you will like it. Jingles, my best bud, has a weekly quiz for you. The answer will be posted at the bottom of the page. My friend Caesar will show you around the kennel & introduce you to all of our friends. Be sure to visit the Adoption Center, Shows, and other fun stuff on this site.

We are looking for: 1) Dogz hexer 2) natural litter breeder 3) judges 4) link collector If you wish to apply please email me. Thanks!


  • ~I worked on the Kennel but its not finished. 5/1
  • ~We had an accident, and lost some of the web site. We are working on getting the pages back up soon. 5/7
  • ~We added a breeding center and Twin pages hope you like them. 5/8